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    Speedy & Spicy Beef Stir Fry

    This was a case of knocking something together quick and with limited ingredients and to be honest I think I nailed it. Very few ingredients and it was prepped and cooked in under 10 mins. Took less than half that to eat it though. Perfect for the summer when you don’t want to spend too long in the kitchen.

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  • Paleo Deviled Eggs

    Holy Guacamole Eggs

    The classic deviled egg is a favourite of mine; growing up, we’d have them as party snacks, appetisers and light meals. Unfortunately the classic recipe uses store-bought mayonnaise which is a no-go here at Fitter Food. So next time you’re entertaining, whip up a batch of these instead – they taste awesome and contain a handful of fresh, wholesome ingredients.

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    Tamari, Ginger & Lime Chicken

    You know we love a simple yet great tasting recipe, however whilst staying in our little cabin in the valleys here in Portugal this needs to be the case even more so. We only have a tiny little kitchen with no oven and a fridge so small we can literally only store the salad. But its all good, we just needed to adapt. This recipe was prepped in less than 5 mins, tasted fantastic and we cooked it in something called a hot plate but you can do it in an oven, much easier.

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  • Cauli Bites

    Becca’s Story: Bacon & Cauliflower Bites

    This recipe is the first in our Life Changing Recipes series where we share stories of incredible individuals who have transformed their health using the power of nutrition and created some amazing recipes as part of the journey.   First up is Becca Wilson who transitioned from vegetarianism to eating Fitter Food to help fix her digestive system.

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  • Cinnamon and parsley lamb stuffed peppers

    Cinnamon and parsley lamb stuffed peppers

    With middle-eastern flavours, this stuffed pepper recipe uses cauliflower rice instead of regular white rice, making them a paleo-friendly version of the delicious traditional recipe. Enjoy!

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