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  • Spanish Style Chicken

    Spanish Style Chicken

    Another easy peasy and of course healthy, one pot supper! Perfect for a weekday dinner or a great option if you’re entertaining as you can prepare this dish in advance and put your feet up with a glass of Rioja as your guest arrive.

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  • photo

    Jamaican Chicken Curry

    Spice up your evening with this awesome curry! It’s incredibly quick and easy to make, plus the added vegetables and potatoes mean you can nail the lot in one pot – BOSH!

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  • Sweet Potato Pancakes

    Sweet Potato Pancakes

    These sweet potato pancakes are so easy to make and they taste brilliant. Give ‘em a go this Pancake Day! (or any day!)

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  • Protein Pancakes

    Protein Pancakes

    These protein pancakes are a perfect Shrove Tuesday treat. Top with fresh berries and cinnamon to hit the sweet spot. Continue reading →

  • Multi Seed Loaf

    Savoury Seed Loaf

    This recipe proved a huge success on our January Detox so we decided to share the love. A delicious accompaniment to all the hearty soups we’ve been enjoying lately. This recipe and another 30 brand new Fitter Food dishes all feature on our new 28 day plan - Fat Loss Kickstarter.

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