Welcome to Fitter Food, a page dedicated to the awesomeness of food & nutrition. This page is full of recipes, meal ideas and videos that are all about food and it’s health benefits.  Fitter Food is designed to make you look and feel amazing. No matter what your health goal: fat loss, increased energy, great skin, strength and fitness or simply feeling awesome everyday, this is what you’ve been waiting for!

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    Pork, Celery and Bacon Stuffing Loaf

    Ok so traditionally you would have stuffing with your roast chicken or turkey on a Sunday or on Christmas day, but this stuffing is different…’s versatile and is not only a fantastic addition to your roast but works incredibly well as a protein based snack, tastes awesome with some poached eggs in the morning or as a breakfast on the go. Best part is its so easy to make.

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  • Dark Chocolate Espresso Cake

    Dark Chocolate Espresso Cake

    Our two favourite things combined, chocolate and coffee woo hoo! With no grains or added sugar this is a great one to share with friends and family to help convince them Fitter Food is the future. This cake is incredibly rich and you only need a small slice to get your fix.  For more Cheats of Champions check out our recipe book we have a whole chapter dedicated to em! 

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    Thai Prawn Courgette Noodle

    Don’t you just love it when a dish takes so little time to make yet tastes amazing? Of course you do and thats exactly what you get with this dish. A nutritious low carb meal that packs a real protein kick with lots of flavour. Give it a try as a super quick lunch or a turbo dinner after a long day at work.

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  • Cocoa Pecans

    Cocoa Pecans

    Wow is all we can say, if you want an energy fix these will do the trick!

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    Sweet Jerk Chicken Thighs

    Jerk chicken is one of my favourite ways to have chicken, the best bit is you can always play around with the flavours to meet your palate depending on whether you like it a little sweeter or with more of a kick. Thing is I love spicy food whereas Keris on the other hand is a bit of a wuss. That said I made these thighs with the best of both in mind so with a little kick complemented by something sweet. 

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