Welcome to Fitter Food, a page dedicated to the awesomeness of food & nutrition. This page is full of recipes, meal ideas and videos that are all about food and it’s health benefits.  Fitter Food is designed to make you look and feel amazing. No matter what your health goal: fat loss, increased energy, great skin, strength and fitness or simply feeling awesome everyday, this is what you’ve been waiting for!

  • Ready Brekkie

    Ready Brekkie

    Wow there’s been some cold mornings this week and we know the first thing you might be craving is a warm bowl of porridge so we came to the rescue with a healthy twist on a classic British breakfast.  The difference with our Ready Brekkie is that it’s packed with nothing but AWESOME, healthy ingredients.  The best bit is putting your own stamp on this recipe with your own favourite flavours.

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  • Berries and Chocolate Coconut Cream

    Berries and Chocolate Coconut Cream

    A super simple dessert that packs in healthy fats and antioxidants.  You can top any fruit with chocolate coconut cream , it just never gets old.  The key to this recipe is taking a can of coconut milk the night before you want your dessert, shake it and place in the fridge. When you open it the next day you will have a thickened coconut cream.

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  • IMG_3076

    Honey & Mustard Salmon

    Full of flavor and easy to make this salmon dish ticks all the right boxes for a quick meal in the week or as part of a weekend feast. It tastes great if made straight away but if you can marinade it over night it’s simply awesome. 

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  • IMG_2944

    Pesto Turkey Burgers

    So it’s no secret that here at Fitter Food we love a good burger! This recipe was a bit of a combination of two of our favourite recipes as we used the pesto from our pimped up potatoes and added it to some turkey mince along with some grated parmesan. Safe to say it was a combo that worked very well, enjoy.

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  • IMG_2806

    English Breakfast Frittata

    We love a good frittata. Want to know why? They taste awesome for a start but it’s mainly because they are so easy to make and so versatile. A little imagination and you can create any version you like. Add veg, potatoes, chicken, fish, cheese….honestly most things work. They are perfect warm, cold with a salad or great as a snack or meal on the go. This one came in handy as a quick breakfast before we caught a flight this morning. 

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