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  • Easter Spice Biscuits

    Easter Spice Biscuits

    Easter has to be the second best weekend of the year (after Crimbo of course!) If you are seeing friends and family be sure to serve up these tasty Easter biscuits with a brew.   

  • _DSC6885

    Slow Cooked Anchovy Lamb

    This is one of the MOST popular recipes from our book Paleo Primer and would make the perfect roast for Easter  You slow cook the joint for 3–4 hours in anchovy butter and words simply cannot describe how good this tastes!

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  • Easter Nests 2

    Fruit & Nut Easter Nests

    This is a great recipe for kids to get stuck into this weekend, so much fun to make and even more fun to eat!

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  • Fitter Ferrero's

    Fitter Ferrero’s

    Lynne and Matt are the inspiration behind this recipe after mentioning their plans to dive face first into their favourite chocolates this Easter.  The Fitter Ferrero came to the rescue with much more cocoa and a lot less sugar!

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  • photo 1-1

    Mediterranean Mash

    This was actually an accidental dish as we had a stack of leftover potatoes and cold courgettes to use up, it worked out a treat! Love it when that happens!

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