Welcome to Fitter Food, a page dedicated to the awesomeness of food & nutrition. This page is full of recipes, meal ideas and videos that are all about food and it’s health benefits.  Fitter Food is designed to make you look and feel amazing. No matter what your health goal: fat loss, increased energy, great skin, strength and fitness or simply feeling awesome everyday, this is what you’ve been waiting for!

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    English Breakfast Frittata

    We love a good frittata, why? They taste awesome for a start but its mainly because they are so easy to make and so versatile. A little imagination and you can create any version you like. Add veg, potatoes, chicken, fish, cheese….honestly most things work. They are perfect warm, cold with a salad or great as a snack or meal on the go. This one came in handy as a quick breakfast before we caught our flight this morning. 

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    Sweet & Spicy Prawn Avocado Bowls

    We were inspired to make these sweet and spicy prawn avocado bowls after seeing something similar on a restaurant menu. This recipe is so quick to make and can serve as a delicious starter or a lighter main meal.  Up your tabasco serving if you prefer a bigger kick.

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    Coconut Water Ice Lollies

    Cool down this summer without reaching for the Calippo – Use an Ice Lolly Mould Tray (or even an ice cube tray) and simply mix coconut water with your choice of fruit: we used strawberries and raspberries below. 

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    Speedy & Spicy Beef Stir Fry

    This was a case of knocking something together quick and with limited ingredients and to be honest I think I nailed it. Very few ingredients and it was prepped and cooked in under 10 mins. Took less than half that to eat it though. Perfect for the summer when you don’t want to spend too long in the kitchen.

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  • Paleo Deviled Eggs

    Holy Guacamole Eggs

    The classic deviled egg is a favourite of mine; growing up, we’d have them as party snacks, appetisers and light meals. Unfortunately the classic recipe uses store-bought mayonnaise which is a no-go here at Fitter Food. So next time you’re entertaining, whip up a batch of these instead – they taste awesome and contain a handful of fresh, wholesome ingredients.

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