Welcome to Fitter Food, a page dedicated to the awesomeness of food & nutrition. This page is full of recipes, meal ideas and videos that are all about food and it’s health benefits.  Fitter Food is designed to make you look and feel amazing. No matter what your health goal: fat loss, increased energy, great skin, strength and fitness or simply feeling awesome everyday, this is what you’ve been waiting for!

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    Coconut Cream Bites

    Coconut cream is simply pureed coconut flesh with a little coconut oil.  It’s sweet taste and the healthy medium chain fats make it a great addition to a bowl of berries, a stir fry or just enjoy on it’s own as a tasty, high fat snack.

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  • Easter Egg and MnMs

    Homemade ‘Fitter’ Easter Eggs

    Here at Fitter Food we got tired of seeing the supermarket shelves stacked with Easter eggs made from sugary milk chocolate and filled with more sugar coated sugar! Rather than bounce off the walls, this year we decided to create our own with extra dark, organic chocolate and an array of yummy Fitter fillings.  Not only was the end result awesome it was a pretty cool process and would make a fun afternoon in the kitchen for the whole family. We highly advise you DO try this at home – here’s how…

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  • Dark Choc MnMs

    Dark Choc MnM’s

    We pimped up a classic treat here by swapping peanuts for macadamia nuts and coating in antioxidant rich (i.e healthy right!) dark chocolate. 

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  • Aprichoc Balls 1

    Aprichoc Balls

    Just unbelievably easy and dangerously tasty!   Great as a post workout snack or after dinner treat.

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    Roast Chicken With Chorizo, Cauliflower & Onion Stuffing.

    Lets face it a good old roast chicken always goes down a treat but a great way to take it to the next level is by making some pimped up stuffing to go with. We got inspiration for this after seeing chorizo in a stuffing recipe but we have adapted it to make it Fitter Food friendly of course. Perfect for an Easter family roast or a roast in general to be honest.

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