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  • Charlie Before and After

    Post Holiday Health Reboot: Fat Loss in 42

    Monday August 25th 2014

    We’re incredibly excited to announce our post summer Fat Loss in 42 Plan launches on 22 September; after a few months indulging in ice cream, al fresco vino’s and a few too many bowls of chips this could be exactly what you need! This plan goes beyond just telling you what to eat and how to train, it offers a full educational programme packed with information about nutrition and lifestyle choices that bring out the best in you! 

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  • RW

    Depression: Nutrition & Natural Measures

    Wednesday August 13th 2014

    This week the world was deeply saddened by the loss of another talented and inspirational individual.  When we contemplate the life of Robin Williams many will remember him as a character in one of their favourite films – often hilarious and outrageous, we likely imagined his successful Hollywood career was accompanied by a life filled with laughter, fun, adventure and happiness.

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  • IMG_6341

    Beating the Post Bank Holiday Blues

    Monday May 5th 2014

    After an extra long weekend it can be especially difficult to face the alarm clock and enthusiastically dive back into the rat race. Until you can plot a longer term escape getting some good, healthy scoff down your neck can help beat the moody Tuesday blues.  Continue reading →

  • Lambs Heart Tagine

    Have a Heart

    Thursday May 1st 2014

    Did you know Co-Enzyme Q10 (COQ10) can help increase energy production in the body and burn fat?

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  • 1013976_596292647068998_1680344832_n

    7 awesome breakfast ideas ready in less than 8 minutes:

    Tuesday September 3rd 2013

    We have had a large request for breakfast ideas especially those that can quickly be picked up on the go. We may have lied to you about them all being ready in less than 8 minutes as you can imagine many of these ideas will require preparing the night before but it will go a hell of a long way when you are running round the house getting yourself or the kids ready for the day so please don’t hold it against us. Check them out:

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