Fitter London was developed by Matt Whitmore and Keris Marsden, two personal trainers who were tired of treadmills, cross trainers, machines and the same old class timetable. With a combined experience spanning over 20 years training themselves and working in the industry they decided it was time for a change and wanted to bring some variety, innovation and spontaneity back to boring gym workouts and repetitive classes.

The aim of Fitter London is simple, to get people fitter, leaner and stronger than they have ever been with a unique approach to training  and an up for it atmosphere that will get you hooked!

Our Story

We met at the gym, both passionate about training and making it innovative and effective. After discovering kettlebells we went off to Budapest and trained with Pavel and the RKC. Following this we had the privilege of training with Mike Mahler who coaches strength training with kettlebells and lectures on hormone optimisation.


We also trained with Steve Cotter mastering kettlebell sport and attended Crossfit London and Gym Jones workshops to gain experience of Crossfit training including olympic lifting and bodyweight training.

We returned to Budapest to understand the importance of Gray Cooks functional movement systems with Brett Jones. Through other workshops and courses we have met and trained alongside the most awesome strength coaches and trainers within the industry including CJS Fitness, The Fitness Explorer, Crossfit Bold, Simple Strength, Iron Mac Fitness, Crossfit London, Jonathan Lewis and team of rehabilitation experts at Balance Physio and Ricardo Da Costa Abreu. Keris has also focused further on nutrition, studying hormones and fat loss as a BioSignature Practicioner with Coach Charles Poliquin and studying Naturopathic Nutrition


We have expanded our team of trainers and are running several classes across the week with a fantastic group of Fitter Londoners.


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